Sandy Knowe Extension – Project Materials


Public Notice Advert

ERG UK Holding Ltd  

Notice is hereby given that ERG UK Holding Limited, company registration number SC615835, with its Registered Office at 2 Castle Terrace, 4th Floor, Edinburgh, United Kingdom, EH1 2EL, has applied to the Scottish Ministers for consent under Section 36 of the Electricity Act 1989 to construct and operate a wind farm and battery storage system known as Sandy Knowe Wind Farm Extension, Kirkconnel, Dumfries and Galloway (Central Grid Reference NS 69292 10825). The installed capacity of the proposed generating station would be up to 21.6 megawatts (MW) and up to 28.4MW of Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) , comprising up to six turbines (three turbines with a maximum ground to blade tip height of 125 metres and three turbines with a maximum ground to blade tip height of 149.9m). The proposed development has been subject to Environmental Impact Assessment and an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Report has been produced to accompany the application for consent. 

ERG UK Holding Limited has also applied for a direction under Section 57(2) of the Town and Country Planning (Scotland) Act 1997 that planning permission for the development be deemed to be granted. 

A copy of the application, with a plan showing the land to which it relates, together with a copy of the EIA Report discussing the Company’s proposals in more detail and presenting an analysis of the environmental implications, is available for public inspection, free of charge on the application website or on the Scottish Government Energy Consents website at under application reference ECU00003274.  

Copies of the EIA Report may be obtained from ERG UK Holding Limited (telephone: +44 141 212 7222 / email: at a charge of £900 per hard copy and £10 on CD/USB. Copies of a short Non-Technical Summary are available at a charge of £15. 

Any representations to the application may be submitted via the Energy Consents Unit website at; by email to the Scottish Government, Energy Consents Unit mailbox at; or by post to the Scottish Government, Energy Consents Unit, 4th Floor, 5 Atlantic Quay, 150 Broomielaw, Glasgow, G2 8LU, identifying the proposal and specifying the grounds for representation. Please note that there may be a delay in the Energy Consents Unit receiving representations by post. 

Written or emailed representations should be dated, clearly stating the name (in block capitals), full return email and postal address of those making representations. Only representations sent by email to will receive acknowledgement. 

All representations should be received not later than 28/09/2022, although Ministers may consider representations received after this date. 

Any subsequent additional information which is submitted by the developer will be subject to further public notice in this manner, and representations to such information will be accepted as per this notice. 

As a result of a statutory objection from the relevant planning authority, or where Scottish Ministers decide to exercise their discretion to do so, Scottish Ministers can also cause a Public Local Inquiry (PLI) to be held. 

Following examination of the environmental information, Scottish Ministers will determine the application for consent in two ways: 

    • Consent the proposal, with or without conditions attached; or 
    • Reject the proposal 

General Data Protection Regulations 

The Scottish Government Energy Consents Unit processes consent applications and consultation representations under the Electricity Act 1989. During the process, to support transparency in decision making, the Scottish Government publishes online at A privacy notice is published on the help page at This explains how the Energy Consents Unit processes your personal information.  If you have any concerns about how your personal data is handled, please email 

Volume 2 – Technical Appendices

Volume 2 Technical Appendices Cover Page

Chapter 2 – EIA Approach and Methodology Appendices

Chapter 3 – Description of Development Appendices

Chapter 5 – LVIA Appendices

Chapter 6 – Ecology Appendices

Chapter 7 – Ornithology Appendices

Volume 4 – LVIA Figures and Visualisations

Volume 4 Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment Figures and Visualisations Cover Page

Chapter 5 – Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment Figures

Volume 4 – LVIA Figures and Visualisations cont.

Chapter 5 – Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment Figures cont.