Community Benefit

Community Benefit Fund

ERG uses a non-subsidised renewables model, coupled with the aim that local communities should benefit from its projects.  For our Scotland projects to date, including our consented Sandy Knowe Wind Farm, substantial Community Benefit Funds will share up to £5,000 per MW of installed capacity with the local communities, in line with Scottish Government policy.

Community Ownership

Burcote Wind ERG/ has been in discussion with representatives of Sanquhar Community communityskCouncil and Kirkconnel and Kelloholm Community Council to prepare a shared ownership scheme for their wind farm based on the guidelines in the Scottish Government’s “Good Practice Guide for Shared Ownership of Onshore Renewable Energy Developments. The ownership model proposed is the “Shared Revenue” model. The Company has offered the Community the opportunity to invest the equivalent of up to 1/24th of the total investment of the project in return for an equivalent share of the net profit from the project. the Community’s share will be up to 1/24th of the annual net profit of the wind farm.

Our Partners

  • Kirkconnel and Kelloholm Community Council
  • Sanquhar Community Council

Sandy Knowe Community Development Plan –