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Fraser Campbell, Operations Director for Burcote Wind said: “We are obviously bitterly disappointed that the Scottish Government has decided not to consent Burcote Wind’s proposal for a 30 turbine wind farm at Sandy Knowe in Dumfries & Galloway.  This project had massive support from local people, with both local community councils writing several letters to local MSPs, Councillors and the Scottish Government asking that the development be consented.  Those people will now miss out on the £450,000 per annum community benefit fund associated with the development which local groups had already began to plan to use to deliver long-term socio-economic benefits for the whole of Upper Nithsdale.  This would have included providing local apprenticeships, additional skills training for young people and grants for local business to create employment.”

Mr. Campbell continued: “We will continue to consider our options for the site but believe the Scottish Government has missed a huge opportunity to consent a popular project that would have made a significant contribution to Scotland’s ambitious carbon reduction targets and brought significant jobs and investment into this deprived area.  If projects such as Sandy Knowe cannot be consented then it is hard to see how these tough targets can be met.”



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